Office at home!


Ya sea porque estas estudiando tu carrera, unas oposiciones, un master; o porque te has creado tu propia empresa o trabajas desde casa. Tu lugar de estudio o trabajo es más que importante.

Tonos claros, que no te estresen y te inviten a la relajación, a la inspiración. Muebles minimalistas, una librería para poder consultar todas las dudas que tengas. Flores para recordarte el aire libre, el campo. Fotos y cuadros que te alegren nada más mirarlos…

Todo es necesario para estar perfectamente en tu lugar de trabajo y todo ello en casa, siempre para sacar el mayor partido a tu día y a tu esfuerzo.

Hoy toca diseño, transportamos nuestra oficina a nuestra propia casa.
¿Os gusta?

Un beso.

Doesn’t matter the reason: because you are studying or you have your own company or because you are working from home. Your study/workplace is really important.

A clear, light tone that doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable or stressful, colors that invite you to the inspiration, relaxation. Minimal furniture, a bookcase to solve all your doubts… Flowers to bring you some fresh air, pictures, paintings are essential to make you happy.

Everything is necessary to feel absolutely comfortable at you workspace, always to make the best of your day an effort.

Today some home design, let’s put our office in our home.

Do you like it?


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Skull Spoon


Your must have Halloween gadget …The skull spoon by Hundered Million. Sugar is the best part of the food isn’t it? But some people try to avoid it but sometimes they cannot resist for example sugar with coffee or yaghurt etc… Thislittle gadget can helps you to keep the feeling of your usual dosage (mine are 1and a half spoon) but reduces the use of suger automatically! And if youare not on adiet and you don’t care and just want to enjoy the sweetness of life, let’s be honest, this is a much more interesting spoon!

Happy Halloween!

Price tag is only 12$ and you can order it online