Who said Wallpaper is old fashioned ?

Each Interior is unique as each user of it. As we say that you can guess a tip of somebody’s character from his fashion style, you can do the same from looking at the interior a person lives in. An interior is also a reflection of somebody’s identity so try to show your self in you unique way and own your space. That’s how you will find your self at home.

Using wallpaper in an interior is a great way to give an other dimension to a space. Painting is nice too but you can completely change the atmosphere of an interior by using just a piece of wallpaper. You can create you own world, and as we all know, the world in our imagination is much more exciting than the real world, why not transfer this in our interiors?


In love with this Laser printed wallpaper, Give a new dimension to this living room!



A good imitation is OK! Look at this one , Scrapwood collection designed by Piet Hein Eek.

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The world is on your fingertip !

Remember your interior is a reflection of you!